3 Best Wall Mounted Gas Fireplace Models on 2023 Market – Full Buying Guide

Some houses are built with spaces to integrate a gas fireplace. Others are not.

For the ones with less space to use, there are wall mounted gas fireplace options, as they occupy little-to-no space on your ground, but take the one available on your wall.

In this WarmthPedia guide, we’ll explain in depth what a wall mounted fireplace is, does it give off heat or not, and if it’s better to be installed vented or ventless.

Don’t worry, we’ll also have a list of the best wall mounted gas fireplace options so you can choose the one with the size and features suiting your style.

What is a Wall Mounted Fireplace?

It is a fireplace that’s mounted directly on a specific area on the wall, as you’ll simply need to hang the fireplace using the wall mounting brackets built inside the fireplace.

According to our research when we prepared a list of the best wall mount electric fireplaces at WarmthPedia, those fireplaces are easier to install.

Visit the article above to learn more about wall mounted fireplaces.

Can You Put a Gas Fireplace in a Wall?

Yes, absolutely. In fact, premier brands built their own fireplaces divisions based on wall mounted gas fireplace production.

Those wall mounted gas fireplace options are built with the aforementioned brackets that help mount them on the wall with ease.

Do Wall Mounted Fireplaces Give off Heat?

Surely! They’re not just a piece of decor worth thousands of dollars! The average BTUs the best wall mounted gas fireplaces produce is always more than 34,000 per hour.

This effectively covers more than 1,400 square feet in no time.

Moreover, larger wall mounted gas fireplace options produce more BTUs per hour and cover more space at the same effectiveness level.

Which Is Better Vented or Ventless Gas Fireplace?

The answer depends if heat can escape the room without benefiting from it in warming the target area.

Therefore, ventless fireplaces produce heat and the room benefits from 99-100% of the produced heat.

Vented fireplaces -on the other hand- have heat escape up the flue.

In conclusion, ventless gas fireplaces are more effective.

What Are the Best Wall Mounted Fireplaces?

1. Empire Boulevard 60″ Contemporary Linear Vent-Free Fireplace

2. Monessen 48 inch Artisan Vent Free See-Through Linear Fireplace

3. Monessen 42 inch Artisan Vent Free Linear Fireplace

1. Empire Boulevard 60″ Contemporary Linear Vent-Free Fireplace

Wall Mounted Gas Fireplace

The first model on our list of the best wall mounted gas fireplace models is the Empire 60-inch contemporary wall mounted gas fireplace.

It produces the most heat out of all wall mounted gas fireplace models, while providing an astonishing view empowered by the beautiful in-floor LED lightning.

You can choose the look on the firebox liner, from options like gas log media and fire glass.

According to our research, Empire 60-inch contemporary gas fireplace produces heat at a 99% efficiency rate, while keeping a dynamic flame presentation to keep you cozy as you relax by the fire.

At WarmthPedia, we found more features in this wall mounted gas fireplace than in other fireplaces combined, and here’s a summary of those features:

Dimensions11.75″D x 64.75″W x 22.25″H
Heating Per Hour40,000 BTUs
Heat Level Adjustment OptionsThermostat Variable in a Multi-function Remote Control
Additional FeaturesBarrier Screen
Fully Recessed burner
Fine mesh barrier screen
Optional log set
ANSI Certified and CSA Certified

Are you not convinced that this is the best wall mounted gas fireplace? This video will help convince you:

2. Monessen 48 inch Artisan Vent Free See-Through Linear Fireplace

Wall Mounted Gas Fireplace

We’ve always admired how a see-through fireplace can literally change the way you look at things inside your house, and the Monessen 48 inch was nothing less of that.

It produces a near 40K BTUs per hour in a more effective manner than most of its competitors.

Luckily, no venting or chimney is required for this awesome model to work effectively.

Luckily too, we have a full review of the Monessen 48-inch Artisan Vent Free See-Through Linear Fireplace in our review of the best see-through fireplaces, make sure to visit the guide for more information.

3. Monessen 42 inch Artisan Vent Free Linear Fireplace

Wall Mounted Gas Fireplace

A smaller yet effective Monessen vent-free gas fireplace is here to conclude our list of best wall mounted gas fireplaces.

It may not be a fully wall-mounted fireplace, as it’s more of a built-in fireplace, but it still functions as a wall mounted one.

It enjoys an appealing black color covered with LED reflecting glass, contemplating the whole scene with flames rising inside the fireplace through shimmering diamond fire glass! Isn’t that a fine scene?

Moreover, the hand-held remote control and touch screen allow you to control the ignition and 3-step flame height with simple buttons.

Here’s more about its features:

Dimensions13.5″D x 44″W x 32″H
Heating Per Hour38,000 BTUs
Coverage Area1400 square feet
Additional FeaturesEasy installation
Relatively affordable
Simple operation
Abundant heat


This list of wall mounted gas fireplace models can quickly satisfy your needs for a cozy, comfortable, and relaxing environment inside your house.

The models we reviewed in this WarmthPedia guide are tested, tried, and provided us with the great result you may seek.

If you have any other questions regarding those models, feel free to ask us in the comment section below.

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