What If Tv Bigger Than Fireplace? Here’s 2023 Best Solutions

TVs have gotten bigger and thinner over the past ten years or so, making it relatively easy to put them above the fireplace. However, what size TV should be used with fireplaces and what to do if the TV bigger than fireplace?

The only problem with this is that it can sometimes look strange if the TV bigger than fireplace. And most importantly, the wall and the rest of the space play a role in this.

You’ll find a few tips on how to decorate your TV and fireplace in this WarmthPedia article. In addition, you’ll be prepared to handle the situation if you find that the TV bigger than fireplace.

How to Decorate Your TV and Fireplace?

Tv Bigger Than Fireplace

Due to the difficulties of mounting the TV above or near the fireplace, WarmthPedia has listed the most common problems and solutions:

1. TV Bigger Than Fireplace

As TV prices decrease, larger TVs are now available for the same price as the smaller TVs we already own.

If your wall is large enough for that big TV, it’s also large enough for a fireplace with a similar or somewhat wider one.

Given that they’re taller than the majority of linear fireplaces, TVs already look top-heavy on the wall. If your fireplace will be placed immediately over the fireplace, make sure it’s a little wider than the TV.

2. TV Is Too High

Generally, the mantel of a traditional wood-burning or gas fireplace is 48 inches or higher from the ground. A TV mounted over the mantel will be too high for comfortable viewing in a typical-sized room.

Consider placing the TV to the side rather than over the mantel if you want to keep your gas or wood fireplace. If you change your wood or gas fireplace to an electric one, you can lower the mantel because there isn’t any burning side.

Even better would be a linear electric fireplace that doesn’t need a mantel. Your TV’s bottom shouldn’t stick out rather than 42 inches from the ground in a typical room.

3. Your Fireplaces & TVs are Out of Balance

If you follow WarmthPedia’s first recommendation, your TV and fireplace will be in balance. If the TV is mounted such that it’s not directly opposite the fireplace, it’s more difficult to maintain the balance.

Although the relative sizes of the two components are still crucial, you might get away with a smaller fireplace by focusing on the lower part of the wall.

 A smaller fireplace will need some help from the materials around it to balance the visual weight of a larger TV.

How Big Should a TV Be Over a Fireplace?

It will undoubtedly look awkward and unbalanced if your TV bigger than fireplace, especially if you’ve positioned them side y side in the middle of the room.

Experts recommend that the fireplace be at least 6 to 8 inches wider than the TV size so that the wall can easily frame the TV around it and make sleek lines for the fireplace edges.

Be careful not to leave too much space over the TV sides. If not, the TV will look excessively small next to the wall in the background. When choosing a false wall for the fireplace, you should pick one that is larger than your TV.

Additionally, experts advise against purchasing a TV that is noticeably bigger or smaller than the fireplace. This’s because both will look weird and unbalanced if one is too small and the other too big in the center of a living room.

The best placement for TVs is between 55 and 65 inches. The viewing distance, however, may change the size. If your sitting area or sofa is farther away from the TV than 6’5 inches, you’ll almost certainly need a TV bigger than 55 inches.

There’re a few decorative methods that can help you solve the problem. An easy and affordable method is to add some small to medium-sized furniture at each end of the fireplace. You can either install bookshelves or organic pieces to decorate the additional spaces.

What If the TV Bigger Than Fireplace?

If you notice that the TV bigger than fireplace, consider these solutions below:

  • The TV wall should be painted black.
  • Widen the trim to give the fireplace a bigger look.
  • Install a nearby wood stove or another heater in its place if the fireplace won’t fit.
  • A TV over the fireplace, and a dark wall.
  • Painting the wall with a dark color that matches a TV’s background while it’s off is a smart way to blend in.


The choice is ultimately yours, so think about how you want your room to look with the new décor before making it.

Is your TV bigger than fireplace? Tell WarmthPedia in the comments box below how you handled the situation. We’d like to hear more suggestions.

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