5 Best Stone Electric Fireplace Models on 2023’s Market – Buying Guide

Authentic-looking fireplaces aren’t hard to find if you’re looking for a stone electric fireplace.

They’re even more popular than they may seem, as stone electric fireplace models provide more than simple authenticity to your house.

Stone Electric Fireplace models have some of the greatest-looking options on the market, providing you with additional ambiance, a natural-looking atmosphere, and more.

In this WarmthPedia guide, we’ll present the idea of a stone electric fireplace, explain what it can be made of, and what features can elevate the ambiance level an electric stone fireplace can provide.

Later on, you’ll have one of the most detailed buying guides for stone electric fireplace models on the market, as we believe that you should know every feature of your stone electric fireplace before you obtain one.

What Is a Stone Fireplace?

Natural materials create a stone fireplace in most cases, but it can still be manufactured using manufactured materials as well.

A stone fireplace is made of natural/ manufactured materials that look exactly like it’s built from natural stone.

The colors of a stone fireplace indicate how natural-ish they look, and it’s a must to have it colored in a way that blends with the scheme of the room it’s installed in.

Moreover, since we’re talking about stone electric fireplace models, the electric models give an aesthetic atmosphere naturally when you pick a model that shows LED embers and fires with different options.

What Are Stone Fireplaces Made of?

Here are the substances that are used the most by fireplace manufacturers when they integrate them into a stone electric fireplace:

They include Granite, Travertine, Slate, Limestone, and Marble.

How to Benefit the Most from Stone Electric Fireplace

Here are some of the best instructions when you pick a stone electric fireplace, to make sure they give you the highest level of the aesthetic atmosphere inside your house:

  1. Pick a Stone Electric Fireplace that shows realistic 3D or LED flames and embers.
  2. Pick efficient 5000 BTUs heaters or more.
  3. Remote Controls and Smartphone Apps are a huge plus.
  4. Crackling Log sounds can be paired impressively with LED flames and embers.

Best Stone Electric Fireplace Models

1. Dimplex Fieldstone Electric Fireplace with Mantel Surround Package

2. Gallatin Faux Stone Electric Fireplace w/ Bookcases

3. Classic Flame Pioneer Stone Electric Fireplace Mantel Package

4. LIFE SMART Large Infrared Stone Remote Lifesmart Faux Electric Fireplace

5. Amerlife Electric Fireplace with Mantel 44″ Laminate Finish TV Stand & 23″ Insert Heater Combination

DIY Stone Electric Fireplace

Here’s a video showing the detailed process of how to DIY Stone Electric Fireplace!

1. Dimplex Fieldstone Electric Fireplace with Mantel Surround Package

stone electric fireplace

First model on our list of best stone electric fireplace is the Dimplex Stone Electric Fireplace, with its country rustic style empowered by the oak finish.

It heats larger-sized areas and smaller-sized rooms just as well.

However, it’s more expensive than other models on this list, but that is due to its reputation as one of the finest stone electric fireplace models on the whole market since 2009.

““Good quality… Very easy assembly… Realistic appearance… Best faxi fireplace I’ve seen… Did not know before I purchased but it has a cooling setting as well as warning. And it works!” this is what a satisfied customer had to say about this model’s quality.

Moreover, Amazon ranks it among the best 200 electric fireplaces ever!

Here is a further breaking down of Dimplex Fieldstone Electric Fireplace’s features:

Dimensions8″D x 61.02″W x 43.98″H
Heating Per Hour5118 BTUs
StyleCountry Rustic
ColorFieldstone/ Natural Stone
Coverage AreaUp to 1000 square feet

2. Gallatin Faux Stone Electric Fireplace w/ Bookcases

stone electric fireplace

Gallatin Faux Stone Electric Fireplace is a medium-priced Stone Electric Fireplace with a lot to show off.

Its traditional style build influences a rustic style as well, blended in its luxurious black color, which can easily create an unimaginable atmosphere.

Similar to its price, the Gallatin Faux Stone Electric Fireplaces suit medium-sized rooms and smaller-sized ones as well.

It enjoys a 4.7-star rating on Amazon US, putting it in the top 125 list on the website.

Here’s a customer’s review of this stone electric fireplace, “it’s pretty, and I love the way this fireplace looks. It feels solid and fits in with the rest of my decor really nicely. And the customizable light, fire, and log glow aspect is a nice touch you can really make the atmosphere you want.”

Read more about its features:

Dimensions18″D x 71″W x 32″H
Heating Per Hour5118 BTUs
StyleTraditional with a rustic influence
Coverage AreaUp to 400 square feet
LED FlamesLifelike flames and burning logs with embers

3. Classic Flame Pioneer Stone Electric Fireplace Mantel Package

stone electric fireplace

You may be looking for multiple options when it comes to the LED flames inside the Stone Electric Fireplace model, right?

The Classic Flame Pioneer Stone Electric Fireplace suits your needs very well.

It is an outstanding stone electric fireplace that suits all sizes of rooms and comes at a decent price as well.

Its classic style with the brushed finish forms an aesthetic look and feels inside your room.

“I love this fireplace……hands down! It is just beautiful, perfect size for my bedroom, and came assembled,” here’s how beautiful this stone electric fireplace can feel according to a satisfied customer.

Here’s more about its features:

Dimensions40″D x 40″W x 39″H
Heating Per Hour5100 BTUs
Flame Colors3 (Good)
Ember Effects3 (Good)
Coverage AreaUp to 1000 square feet

4. Life Smart Large Infrared Stone Remote Lifesmart Faux Electric Fireplace

stone electric fireplace

Moving on to a smaller-sized yet effective stone electric fireplace empowered by Life Smart’s genius technologies.

More than 2K satisfied customers rate this model, and one of them summarized their experience in a single statement, “It looks beautiful and definitely worth the money.”

It has a handful of heating settings and safety settings to keep your environment safe for pets and children alike.

Read more about its features below:

Dimensions11.2″D x 31.1″W x 25.5″H
MaterialWood, Faux Stone
Heating Per Hour5000 BTUs
Heating Settings3 (1000w-1500w- Economical)
SafetyOverheat safety and tip-over safety switch

5. Amerlife Electric Fireplace with Mantel 44″ Laminate Finish TV Stand & 23″ Insert Heater Combination

stone electric fireplace

Economical Stone Electric Fireplace models never stop amazing us at WarmthPedia.

They provide what’s requested, they are eco-friendly and energy-efficient.

By “they”, we mean the Amerlife Electric Fireplace.

The granite finish and the rustic country-style mantel can easily deceive you into believing it’s made of natural stones.

Moreover, the CSA certification provides more lee-way when you think of how safe an electric fireplace should be for your kind and pets.

“I’ve owned many fireplaces in the past, but this one went together very easily and also looks so realistic! I absolutely love it. Looks great for the holidays!” This is how a customer who said he/she doesn’t write a lot of reviews but insisted on expressing their happiness with the Amerlife Electric Fireplace.

Here are the rest of its features:

Dimensions14.2″D x 44″W x 37.4″H
MaterialEngineered Wood
StyleRustic Country
Heating Options3 (62 F to 82 F) or (16.6 C to 27.8 C)
PriceVery Economical ~$300


A stone electric fireplace can never stop amazing us at WarmthPedia, and that can easily happen with you too!

It provides a more natural atmosphere to your room, in addition to the superb heating capabilities as well.

In case you have any questions regarding the stone electric fireplace models, don’t hesitate to ask us in the comments section below.

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