See Through Electric Fireplace Complete Buying Guide- All You Need to Know 2023

See Through Electric Fireplace options are some of the rarest in the whole sector of electric fireplaces.

On the contrary, a lot of people search for see through electric fireplace options on the markets on a monthly basis.

They are quite remarkable! They deserve attention, and in this guide, we’ll shed light on how remarkable they are, and what makes them a perfect fit.

The bottom line is that see through electric fireplace options are earning more attention, and people are increasingly interested in them, so this WarmthPedia guide will provide everything they need to know about it.

What is a See Through Electric Fireplace?

It’s an electric fireplace that provides astonishing views from more than a single angle.

Generally speaking, a See Through Electric Fireplace will have to be wall mounted, but it represents a more unique approach to wall mounting fireplaces.

It can be enjoyed from two separate/connected rooms and can be easily controlled from both ones at the same time.

It’s more luxurious, unique, and beneficial to obtain a See Through Electric Fireplace, as long as you afford it. 

See Through Electric Fireplace Types

There are two different ways to differentiate See Through Electric Fireplace types, by the power source and the view.

As for power sources, it can be powered by electricity, gas fuel, propane and natural gas, and wood-burning models.

However, when it comes to different view models, there are only 2 different ones:

Double Sided & Peninsula.

At WarmthPedia, we created a guide that covered everything you need to know about double sided electric fireplaces.

The peninsula see through electric fireplace, on the other hand, can be viewed from 3 different angles, compared to the 2 angles in double sided models.

See Through Electric Fireplace

  1. The way See Through Electric Fireplace models are designed allows you to enjoy the magical look from different angles.
  2. It’s available in indoor and outdoor models, while the outdoor ones provide a more authentic feeling when placed around green areas.
  3. There are very few models on the market at the moment of writing this guide.
  4. It’s as luxurious as an electric fireplace can be.
  5. It can fit different styles and personalities.
  6. It’s way more expensive than your regular $200 electric fireplace.

Best See Through Electric Fireplace Models

1. Napoleon CLEARion-NEFBD50HE Wall Hanging Electric Fireplace

2. Superior Fireplaces 40″ DV See-Through Electric Fireplace

3. Monessen 48 inch Artisan Vent Free See-Through Linear Fireplace

1. Napoleon CLEARion-NEFBD50HE Wall Hanging Electric Fireplace

see through electric fireplace

The first, the best, the one and only See Through Electric Fireplace available to date on Amazon US, is the Napoleon CLEARion see through electric fireplace.

It has a ton of amazing and practical features that we’ll explore together shortly, but being the first ever truly see through electric fireplace says it all already.

We all know that any See Through Electric Fireplace should be around fitting a style and a personality, right?

The Napoleon CLEARion does that in style (no pun intended,) it has different privacy and customization modes to fit the style you’d like.

First, it has 3 different privacy options, in which you can make it fully transparent for people in both rooms to see the other side of the See Through Electric Fireplace.

Or, you can activate the second option partially blurring the visibility between two rooms.

Others would like privacy, fully blocking vision between the rooms.

Further customization options are still there, as you can customize the fireplace fire by selecting sparkling crystal media ember bed or the hand-painted logs with Topaz glass embers.

Let’s summarize the features of the 5-star rated See Through Electric Fireplace on Amazon US:

Dimensions9″D x 50″W x 18″H
Flame Color Options15 ember bed colors + 3 flame colors
Brightness Settings5 Different flame speed settings
Heating CoverageUp to 800 square feet
Heating Per Hour9000 BTUs (2800 watts)
Warranty2 Years
Individual Heat ControlEnabled for each room separately

2. Superior Fireplaces 40″ DV See-Through Electric Fireplace

See Through Electric Fireplace

As we’ve already expressed that the first and best See Through Electric Fireplace is the Napoleon CLEARion, the 2 other options are now powered by electricity.

Guess that allows for greater heating. As this gas-fueled fireplace produces 1.5x of the 1st one’s heat.

Moreover, Superior Fireplaces 40″ DV See-Through Electric Fireplace offers multi-view options and a multi-year warranty.

Additionally, its traditional style is empowered by the glass, oak, and ceramic build, strengthening the authenticity of the environment inside your house.

Satisfied customers approved that upon obtaining the Superior Fireplaces 40″ DV See-Through Electric Fireplace, they experienced a beautiful and natural-looking atmosphere inside their house.

These are the features of this elegant see through fireplace:

Dimensions27.75″D x 50.37″W x 41″H
Heating Per Hour37,000 BTUs
MaterialsGlass, Oak, and Ceramic
Warranty20 Years
Vent TypeDirect-Vent
ViewThree multi-view options

3. Monessen 48 inch Artisan Vent Free See-Through Linear Fireplace

See Through Electric Fireplace

The third and last see through fireplace on this buying guide is the Monessen 48-inch Artisan Vent Free See-Through Linear Fireplace.

It’s among the top 75 gas fireplaces in the whole market, due to its easy installation, and astonishing glass build.

Satisfied customers stated that it can heat up two large rooms in no time, while others said it was too easy to install it and get it going, as no chimney or venting was required.

The contemporary and modern style it provides is unmatched, while the flames rise through diamond fire glass for an increased luxurious atmosphere.

Here is the rest of its features:

Dimensions13.125″D x 52.625″W x 39.75″H
Heating Per Hour39,000 BTUs
StyleContemporary and Modern
Vent TypeVentless
Light typeMulti-colored LED hearth lighting 


This concludes our buying guide for See Through Electric Fireplace options on the market.

We agreed that Napoleon CLEARion is the first, the best, the one and only, and its list of features is taller than anyone would expect.

Then, WarmthPedia experts provided 2 more options to choose from, but they are gas-fueled instead.

In case you have any questions regarding see through electric fireplace models, feel free to ask WarmthPedia experts in the comments section below.

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