5 Best Mini Electric Fireplace Options on 2023 Market with Buying Guides

Obtaining a smaller-sized electric fireplace has been increasingly appealing for people who own smaller offices, bedrooms, tight living rooms, and small kitchens.

However, there is another level of “smaller-sized fireplaces” that’s been also noticed in recent years. It’s the Mini Electric Fireplace.

The famous Mini Electric Fireplace options on the market have surpassed what the smallest electric fireplaces were providing.

In this WarmthPedia guide, we’ll talk about the main difference between the small and mini electric fireplace, then we’ve created a list of the top 5 mini electric fireplaces on the market.

Choose the one that suits your needs the most, and we’ll help you with your decision.

Difference between Small and Mini Electric Fireplace

Since we’ve already covered the list of 7 Best Small Electric Fireplace options, you may be wondering what the difference would be between small and mini electric fireplace.

They both serve the same goal; providing a heat source using a small-sized electric fireplace for rooms with a smaller area to cover.

However, mini electric fireplaces are smaller than 18 inches wide, while small electric fireplaces can be 25 inches wide.

Moreover, prices for mini electric fireplaces options are nearly a third of the small electric fireplaces’ prices, despite them being economical and costing less than $300 for premium options.

Best Mini Electric Fireplace

1. GiveBest 18-inch Electric Fireplace with LED Realistic Flame Effect

2. Xbeauty Electric Fireplace Stove

3. Cosyairy Energy Efficient Space Heater

4. Toonlupal Freestanding Mini Small Indoor Electric Fireplace Lantern

5. Bossin Space Heater for Indoor Use

1. GiveBest 18-inch Electric Fireplace with LED Realistic Flame Effect

Mini Electric Fireplace

Our best mini electric fireplace is the GiveBest 18-inch electric fireplace, it’s a classic-style fireplace that’s suitable for dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, and cabins.

It’s also one of the highest-rated mini electric fireplace options on the market, ranking among the top 100 ones, despite competing with the elite brands.

This mini electric fireplace is only 18 inches wide and 17.1 inches tall, which is the limit of how big a mini electric fireplace can be.

Its customers enjoy easy installation according to a handful of satisfied customer reviews.

Read more on GiveBest 18-inch mini electric fireplace features:

Dimensions5.1″D x 18″W x 17.1″H
Heating Per Hour4600 BTUs (1400 watts)
Heating CoverageUp to 400 square feet
Timer 1h to 9h timer options
Flame Color OptionsRed, Orange, and Blue (3)

2. Xbeauty Electric Fireplace Stove

Mini Electric Fireplace

Xbeauty fireplaces have been rising in the ranks among electric fireplace models in recent years, thanks to their phenomenal fireplaces.

Their Xbeauty Electric Fireplace stove is only 16.4 inches wide, but it’s pretty lightweight and provides retro styling to your room’s decor.

With different heating modes, and using the latest infrared heating technology, it has earned a spot among the top 50 electric fireplaces on the whole Amazon US market.

It’s also using advanced systems to protect against overheating while producing little-to-no noise whatsoever.

“I bought this back in August as a decor piece. I like that you can choose to have the “fire” on without the heat. Now that it’s starting to get cold, I am using the heat setting. Puts out a decent amount of heat.” That’s what a satisfied customer felt about purchasing this mini electric fireplace, as more than 2.7K customers positively rated it this year.

Here are its features:

Dimensions11.5″D x 16.4″W x 22.6″H
Heating Per Hour5100 BTUs (1000-1500 watts)
WeightLightweight 17.6 pounds
Heating CoverageUp to 500 square feet
Heating modes2 (Good)
SafetyOverheating Protection System
Noise 40db

3. Cosyairy Energy Efficient Space Heater

Mini Electric Fireplace

The third best mini electric fireplace is the Cosyairey Energy-efficient space heater, it is an economical fireplace that’s only 5 inches wide and 8 inches tall.

It runs on 1000-1500 watts and produces enough energy to heat bedrooms and offices.

What makes this mini electric fireplace special is its energy-efficient feature, as this space heater can save up to 30% of the energy-producing the same heat level.

Customers feel it’s a cute and functional mini fireplace, while others feel the flames on the screen are relaxing and realistic.

Here are the rest of its features:

Dimensions8.34″D x 5.12″W x 8.34″H
Heating Per Hour??? BTUs (1000-1500 watts)
WeightExtra Lightweight 4.7 pounds
Heating CoverageUp to 200 square feet
Heating modes2 (Good)
SafetyTip-Over & Overheating Protection
Noise 37db
PriceEconomical ~$51

4. Toonlupal Freestanding Mini Small Indoor Electric Fireplace Lantern

Mini Electric Fireplace

Toonlupal is a decent brand that works in manufacturing different batches of electric fireplaces.

They may not be your ordinary famous fireplaces brand, but it’s most definitely one you should consider.

It ranks among the top 120 electric fireplaces, empowered by its dual protection, mini build, and supreme lightweight.

It’s only 6 inches wide and 12 inches tall, and suits bedrooms, offices, and living rooms alike.

“Perfect heater for my small outdoor cabin. Throws a lot of heat, doesn’t get hot And it looks great,” that’s what one of the satisfied customers had to say about this mini electric fireplace.

Read more about its features:

Dimensions6″D x 6″W x 12″H
Heating Per Hour??? BTUs (450-900 watts)
WeightExtra Lightweight 2.87 pounds
Timer1h to 12 hours
Heating modes3 modes between 59 F and 90 F
That’s about 15 C and 32.2 C
SafetyTip-over and Overheat Protection
PricePretty Economical ~$70

5. Bossin Space Heater for Indoor Use

Mini Electric Fireplace

Reaching the last mini electric fireplace on this list with the Bossin Space Heater. It’s a brand new space heater that’s mini in size but good in heating power.

It features an economical price you’ll find in the features table below and a pretty lightweight design that helps with the mini electric fireplace’s portability.

It’s designed with both tip-over and overheat protection, and the manufacturer stated it’s safe around pets and children too.

Learn more about its features:

Dimensions5.8 x 10.7 x 5.8 inches
Heating Per Hour??? BTUs (1500 watts)
WeightExtra Lightweight 3.27 pounds
Timer1h to 12h timer
Heating modesProgrammable Thermostat between 41 F and 95 F
That’s around 5 C and 35 C
SafetyTip-Over and Overheat protection
PriceEconomical ~$48


Deciding which mini electric fireplace suits you the most isn’t that hard anymore.

This WarmthPedia guide provided you with 5 distinguished mini electric fireplace models to choose from, ranging in size, price, features, and portability.

In case you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us in the comments section below.

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