Is Living Room Electric Fireplace a Good Choice? This 2023 Full Guide Will Help

After a long day, your living room should be a warm and comfortable retreat. Installing a living room electric fireplace is a great way to turn your space into a comfortable and cozy area.

Read this WarmthPedia article to learn why electric fireplaces have several advantages over gas and wood fireplaces. In addition, you’ll discover the most common living room electric fireplace types, allowing you to select the best living room electric fireplace model for your space.

Why Is a Living Room Electric Fireplace Better Than a Wood or Gas Fireplace?

Why Is a Living Room Electric Fireplace Better Than a Wood or Gas Fireplace?

WarmthPedia has collected the most common and great advantages of the living room electric fireplace that make it better than gas or wood fireplace:

1. No Added Fire Risk

One of the common benefits of electric fireplaces is that they don’t actually burn anything. This indicates that a chimney that might be exposed to your home is not burning or building up flammable soot.

Electric fireplaces have the same risk of a disastrous home fire as both gas and wood fireplaces.

2. No Harmful Emissions

Since nothing is burned, neither smoke nor carbon monoxide will be released into your home.

Although you should always have smoke detectors in your home, electric fireplaces are much better for your long-term health because they won’t actually raise the risk of either carbon monoxide poisoning or that from a fireplace.

3. No Staining or Smells

There will be no strange stains on your walls or lingering odors in your home, unlike fireplaces that burn wood and, to a lesser extent, fireplaces that burn gas.

4. Easy to Use

An electric fireplace is very easy to use. Once it’s turned on and adjusted to the desired temperature in your house, you may completely ignore it and go. When the weather falls, it’ll have to work more to heat your house.

You can save money on your electricity bills if the temperature is set properly because it’ll cost much less to keep it that way.

5. TV Safe

Installing a TV over an electric fireplace is really safe!

No smoke will damage a TV that’s mounted above your fireplace since any heat that the fireplace generates is often blown out into the center of the room rather than raised directly upward into the TV.

6. Heat Efficiency

Due to the infrared quartz heaters and the absence of ventilation to lose residual heat in the room, electric fireplaces are very heat efficient.

7. Remote Control

Most electric fireplaces have a remote control or smartphone app, making it easy to adjust the thermostat’s heat settings while still sitting in your place.

What Are Different Living Room Electric Fireplace Types?

Because there’re many types of electric fireplaces, finding the best one for your home might be difficult. While some have a more contemporary look and feel, others are perfect for a more authentic, traditional experience.

Some, however, should be completely avoided due to their weak performance and tackiness. So, WarmthPedia has collected the most common living room electric fireplace types:

1. Flat Wall Fireplace Mantel Package

If you’re looking for a fireplace that most closely resembles a real fire, this type is going to be your best choice. To create the impression that this fireplace and mantel package is attached to an outdoor chimney, it’s set up on the floor of your house and placed up against a flat wall.

You have a lot more freedom with these electric mantel fireplaces than with a real wood fireplace, which is usually installed on a wall that is opposite the outside space. They can even be mounted against interior walls.

The mantel on these fireplaces is often separate from the fireplace, and you connect them during the installation process. This’s because several models of mantels come from various manufacturers with the same fireplace.  

2. Corner Fireplace

In terms of functionality, these fireplaces are comparable to the mantel package fireplaces we discussed above. The same fireplace technology is often used if it’s produced by the same company.

The first reason is that a corner electric fireplace is more out of the way and takes up less space than a main wall if you only have a bit less room.

The second reason is that a flat wall corner will actually work better as a focal point if your home has an asymmetric room layout.

3. Electric Fireplace TV Stand

There can be media consoles or entertainment centers with built-in electric fireplaces. Even while these arrangements can be reasonable ways to combine 2 different pieces of furniture into one large piece for your home, there may be some problems with them.

First, it’s possible that the technology of the fireplace will suffer and perform less effectively than an electric fireplace made especially for that purpose.

Second, the shelves and other components are severely constrained since the fireplace takes up storage space. Finally, you’ll essentially need to replace 2 pieces rather than just one if you buy one of them and it breaks or has problems.

4. Corner TV Stand Fireplace

With the exception of the design being made for a corner rather than the usual rectangular design that goes against a wall, these are similar to the TV stands with fireplaces types described above.

If you want a TV stand in the corner that’s also a fireplace, you would be better off buying a corner fireplace that isn’t a TV stand. Unfortunately, a corner design for these fireplaces may have even more problems because there’s a less space.

5. Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

A wall-mounted fireplace is one that is safely mounted to a wall, hanging above the floor, using mounting brackets that are specially designed to attach to the sturdy wooden studs of the house behind the drywall.

Another common and beautiful installation is a wall-mount electric fireplace into a recessed wall for a flusher, more contemporary look. This style of fireplace embedment is easier to operate and requires less space, making it particularly useful in smaller spaces with limited walking space.

Check out this video below to find more living room electric fireplace ideas to use in your home.


The living room electric fireplace is safe to use, but you should still follow the manufacturer’s safety instructions and make sure it’s plugged into an outlet that can support the power needed to run the fireplace.

And most importantly, the ambiance and heat from your fireplace are safe as long as you follow the safety precautions.

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Do you have a living room electric fireplace? Tell WarmthPedia about your experience and the safety precautions you follow. We’d like to hear!

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