How to Remove Fireplace Doors? Easiest & Most Convenient Ways 2023

Fireplaces are where old stories were told, old myths were explained, and most family gatherings took place.

The appeal of fireplaces remains, regardless of constant change and upgrades in technology.

However, these fireplaces can get dirty, and it’s essential to know How to Remove Fireplace Doors to clean them or replace them with new ones.

In this WarmthPedia guide, we’ll talk in detail about How to Remove Fireplace doors, and why you should master the step-by-step guides provided.

Additionally, this WarmthPedia guide will help you with other problems/suggestions you may face during the process.

Let’s start!

Can You Remove Fireplace Doors?

At first glance, you may feel that they are complicated to remove, but fear not, they are easy to remove, and after moving through the step-by-step removal section, you’ll realize how easy it is.

Moreover, it’s completely safe to remove fireplace doors, just adhere to the safety measures we’ll explain later in the article.

Why You Should Know How to Remove Fireplace Doors?

According to WarmthPedia’s research, knowing How to Remove Fireplace Doors can help you if you’re in need of one out of two things:

  1. You’re looking to clean the inside of your fireplace or clean the inside of your fireplace’s doors of the unsightly soot residing there.
  2. You’re looking to replace the dated fireplace doors with a new one with a better-looking screen.

Can You Replace Fireplace Doors with New?

You may be surprised, but it’s a viable option to replace fireplace doors with new ones.

You can change them to add a new attractive atmosphere to the room.

You can do it to change an old-looking outdated fireplace door.

Or, you can just replace the fireplace doors with new ones because you like the new ones a little bit more.

Regardless of the reason behind that decision, you can replace fireplace doors whenever you feel like it, just make sure the new one fits the size of the fireplace frame.

How to Remove Fireplace Doors: Preparation

During this step, we aim at making the method of fireplace door removal as safe as possible.

So, start by extinguishing any heat source inside your fireplace, and give it as much time as it needs to fully cool before you start the removal process.

If you own a fireplace running on gas, make sure the gas unit is turned off completely.

According to our research at WarmthPedia, glass and sheet metal form most fireplace doors nowadays.

Being unable to handle the doors consisting of those materials will create hazardous risks, so get yourself a safe plan to handle them correctly, wearing gloves in the process.

How to Remove Fireplace Doors: Detailed Process

We have 2 of the most common fireplace door styles, so we’ll split up the process into 2 different ones, to suit every door’s special needs when removing the fireplace’s door.

a. Bi-fold Doors

1. Make sure you’re wearing protective goggles, and gloves, and have a cleaning chemical solution ready by your side.

2. Locate the pivot pins at the end of each far corner inside the door frame.

3. Release the tension clip by clicking on the area where the pivot pins are located using your finger or a screwdriver.

4. This will release the door’s pivot pin to the outside of the frame, start with the upper pivot pin and make sure you’re controlling the door properly.

5. Now, release the bottom door’s pivot pin in the same method, and remove the door from the outside.

6. Repeat the same process for the other side of the door.

How to Remove Fireplace Doors

b. Framed Doors

Framed doors can be easily distinguished by their four clips that hold the door frame to the wall of the fireplace. How to Remove Fireplace Doors in this kind of door revolves around dealing with those clips/brackets.

1. Locate the four clips using a flashlight and a screwdriver, you don’t want to be touching anything with bare hands inside the fireplace.

2. You’ll spot 2 clips on the bottom, holding the fireplace door frame to the wall, and 2 on the top.

3. After spotting the clips, fitch a suitable hardware/screwdriver that’s suitable for the clips’ removal.

4. Start with the lower clips, remove them carefully, and make sure you’re handling the door frame tightly as it starts to loosen its grip on the wall.

5. Now, remove the upper clips carefully in the same manner.

6. Remove the frame by sliding it carefully to the outside of the fireplace.

How to Remove Fireplace Doors: After

We stated earlier that WarmthPedia research affirmed that people remove fireplace doors for one of two reasons: replacing the fireplace doors or cleaning them and re-install them back.

If you’re seeking How to Remove Fireplace Doors to replace the doors, then every new door has a specific method of installation, make sure to check the user’s guide for that door thoroughly.

As for How to Remove Fireplace Doors to clean, here’s a Video explaining the process in detail.

It also explains how to remove fireplace doors that are Bi-fold:


Now you have a step-by-step method of How to Remove Fireplace doors explained thoroughly, leaving no place for errors along the way.

However, if at any point during the process you felt that it’ll be unsafe to remove the doors, noticed a smell of gas, or felt there’s some blockage in the chimney, please refer to professional help, to make it safer for you and your home.

Do you have any questions on How to Remove Fireplace Doors? Please ask us in the comments section below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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