10 Creative Fireplace Decorative Ideas- Get A Stylish Look in 2023

A fireplace can be a central gathering space in any room, but do you have any fireplace decorative ideas?

For that, WarmthPedia has pulled together 10 creative and beautiful fireplace decorative ideas, along with 7 tips that will help you apply the WarmthPedia fireplace decorative ideas. We’ve also provided similar guides like “Electric fireplace ideas“, and “Fire pit seating ideas“, so make sure to check them out.

7 Tips for Fireplace Decorative Ideas

There are several basic guidelines to keep in mind while decorating your space, but there is no “one size fits all” method. Use these WarmthPedia tips for fireplace decorative ideas: 

1. Start with a Centerpiece

 Create a centerpiece that will act as the mantel’s anchor (i.e., a mirror, an oversized piece of art, or a decorative wall hanging).

This piece can either be hung in the middle above your mantel or placed on top of it. Alternately, you might position it off-center, but make sure it is enough asymmetrical to look intentional.

2. Balance it Out

On either side of the anchor piece, add some weight.

Keep things asymmetrical for a more curated aesthetic, such as a botanical element on one side and a candle collection on the other, or surround your centerpiece with matching pieces, such as flower vases or candles, to create a balanced composition.

3. Mix Different Heights

Put together pieces of various heights to form a display that is both coordinated and eye-catching. Put a large item next to a variety of smaller ones, or pile things on top of one another (e.g., a small pile of books with a knick-knack on top).

Floral stems, framed prints, and candlesticks are some of our favorite decorative pieces.

4. Follow the Rule of Threes

Odd numbers usually feel more natural and balanced, while even numbers may look overly staged and stale.

Your mantel display will be much more fascinating if you group similar decorative items together in groups of three or five as opposed to pairing them off. The rule of threes is the name of this trick.

5. Take Cues from Your Space

Regardless of how grand or elaborate your mantel decor is, it shouldn’t ever feel isolated from the rest of the room.

Try to match the aesthetic of your home, whether it be rustic, classic, or modern, by picking up on colors and textures that are present in other parts of the room and incorporating them into your arrangement.

6. Layer it Up

Consider layering and leaning decorative pieces against the wall as an alternative to hanging them. In order to fill in the spaces, we like to put a smaller piece of art over the anchor piece.

All types of wall décor, including architectural pieces like window screens or even salvaged shutters, mirrors, and art prints, layer well.

7. Think Seasonal

Many interior decoration options might feel almost overwhelming as the seasons change, but not your mantel.

Simply add a few holiday touches to an already-styled vignette to quickly update your space for the season. You may even take advantage of this to work on some DIY projects with your children.

Best 10 Fireplace Decorative Ideas

Fireplace Decorative Ideas

The best focal point for your living room, dining room, or home office may be a fireplace. Use these WarmthPedia fireplace decorative ideas to transform your fireplace into a stunning focal point that matches your interior design aesthetic:

1. Bring in the Green

Use plants or flowers to add a touch of nature and color to the space.

A bright foliage garland will give a splash of green to the dark mantel and creamy fireplace in white living room. The center of this idyllic area is a faded white frame topped with a charming wreath.

This fireplace looks cozy because of its beautiful features, such as the modest bench with planters and metal canisters.

2. Creamy Brick

Replace your traditional red brick fireplace with a white one and a hearth that matches. The brick will not only give the décor its own unique style, but it will also accentuate items with darker colors with stylish contrast.

A combination of beige and auburn accessories in this fall-themed farmhouse fireplace brightens up the creamy hearth.

3. Accentuate Contrasts

Dark, moody colors like black or deep gray give a space its own distinct personality. Use the already-existing colors and add neutral accessories to create contrast when arranging a dark-toned fireplace hearth.

The lovely hearth in this cozy living room is highlighted by beige candlesticks, chipped frames, and porcelain planters.

4. Show off Your Collectibles

By decking your fireplace hearth with your favorite collectibles, you may replicate the carefully curated mantel. For a splash of color and character, use a mishmash of modern and rustic pieces.

For a fall-themed vignette, use chipped candlesticks, lots of pumpkins, and a monogrammed sign.

5. A Bookworm Design

Shelving or storage space for books is incorporated into the design of the fireplace itself in this method. The shelves can be built into the sides or mantel of the fireplace, or they can be added as a separate unit that sits adjacent to the fireplace.

Keep an eye out for built-in bookshelves online that you can install on your own. WarmthPedia already provided an electric fireplace with bookshelves options, make sure to check it.

All that’s left to complete your perfectly put-together bookshelf is a bookcase or two. Along with the series of books that are arranged in a line, add a few plants and some brass items to beautify the bookshelf. With the unused fireplace acting as its focal point, you get a clean and elegant living room.

6. Off-Balance

Asymmetrical mantel arrangements can be a subtle and smart design technique while also feeling cheeky and breezy. The colorful sofa pillows on the left side of the fireplace are naturally attracted to by placing the artwork on the mantel on the left. On the opposite side, understated décor keeps the spotlight on the star artwork on the mantel.

7. Coordinated Mantel Art

Think about the size and style of the art above the mantle in relation to the fireplace and mantel. Pair similar items together for a cohesive look. Your piece of art should fill the space proportionately.

Place a piece with a few other hanging pieces if it is too small. Here, a traditional mantelpiece contrasts with an abstract painting created with paint splatters and a neutral backdrop that matches the stone fireplace surround. Although the canvas extends almost to the roof, it doesn’t look overly small.

8. TV Decoration

Although flat-panel TVs often naturally fit above a fireplace, the look can detract from the fireplace’s attractive façade.

By placing the unit into the wall behind the fireplace and enclosing it with bifold doors, you may reclaim the look of your mantel.

9. Light it Up

Use the fire’s flickering glow to illuminate your shiny hearth’s natural beauty.

For a rustic touch, place a metal vase filled with colorful blooms and a cozy cushion on the corners.

10. Use a Mirror

Using a mirror to decorate a fireplace is a great way to ass visual interest and depth to a room. A mirror above the fireplace can reflect light and create the illusion of a larger space, making the room feel brighter and more open.

Additionally, a mirror can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to a room, especially if the mirror is large or has an ornate flame.

Check out this YouTube video below for more fireplace decorative ideas.


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