8 Creative Fire Pit Seating Ideas for a Stylish Look in 2023

Your cozy fire pit will be incomplete and useless unless it’s accompanied by chairs. For that, you should learn some fire pit seating ideas so that you can enjoy it and gather with your family and friends around the fire pit.

WarmthPedia always has creative ideas for fireplace seating!

This WarmthPedia article has collected the most common creative and distinctive fire pit seating ideas for all weather conditions and budgets, along with the features you should keep in mind while preparing your fire pit seating.

You’ll also find the most common types of chairs that you can add to your fireplace seating.

What to Look for When Making a Fire Pit Seating

Here are some features you should keep in mind when preparing your fire pit seating:

  • Safety
  • Style
  • Easy to Create
  • Price

Types of Chairs You Can Use for Fire Pit Seating

WarmthPedia has collected the most common fire pit seating chair types you can use for preparing he fire pit seating:

  • Adirondack Chairs
  • Wooden Bench Circular Seating
  • Driftwood Bench
  • Driftwood Stool
  • DIY Concrete Bench
  • Sectional Sofa Outdoor Furniture
  • Outdoor Patio Chairs
  • Cinder Block Bench

How big should the seating area be around a fire pit?

The first thing you need to do is to measure the size of your fire pit. After that, you’ll be able to determine how much space you have for your fire pit seating area.

Remember to mark the area with chalk if you still don’t have a fire pit. The most crucial thing to keep in mind is that fire pits should be comfortable to sit in from any side because they’re made to be enjoyed from all sides.

Keep in mind that some people might prefer to be nearby or even farther away from the pit. So, try to leave enough space behind the chairs as well as between them and the pit. Additionally, leave space between the chairs so that anyone can move around without having to squeeze.

Leaving enough space, or around 7 ft.-3 m., is important for foot traffic.

Best Fire Pit Seating Ideas

Best Fire Pit Seating Ideas

Enjoy gathering with your family and friends by using one of these WarmthPedia fire pit seating ideas:

1. An L-Shaped Sectional

Nestling a fire pit in the crook of an L-shaped patio sectional creates the coziest corner fire pit seating. A sectional is a good alternative for purchasing multiple different chairs because it can comfortably seat anywhere from 1 to more than 6 people.

The coziest corner fire pit seating imaginable is made possible by nestling a fire pit in the crook of an L-shaped patio sectional. A sectional may seat anywhere from just one person to more than six people comfortably, making it an easy alternative for purchasing several individual chairs.

The outdoor sectionals are great for backyard events or family and friends’ gatherings around the fire.

2. A Couple of Classic Adirondacks

Nothing compares to relaxing and sitting in an Adirondack chair near an outdoor fire pit. Adirondack chairs with tall, reclining backs and angled seats are perfect for relaxing and gatherings with friends and family.

Adirondack chairs have wide, sturdy armrests that can hold multiple beverages at once, allowing you to put many of them closer together around a fire pit for seating that doesn’t require any side tables.

3. Traditional Wicker Chairs

Your fire pit will have a more aesthetic, outdoor feel if you pair it with traditional, rustic wicker chairs. These Lightweight yet sturdy seats will make your patio seating area feel as though it’s high in the mountains.

If you prefer cozy patio club seats (Ultra-comfy armchairs) to the rustic look of a backyard fire pit, they’re offered in a variety of materials and models.

4. A Classy Conversation Set

Choosing a sofa or an individual seat outside? Choosing a patio conversation set will let you enjoy both conditions.

If you want to make a unified area that can host several guests, an outdoor conversation set that includes a sofa and matching chairs is the best fire pit seating option.

5. A Simple Sofa

A plush patio sofa is the perfect fire pit seating if you want to optimize comfort without taking up too much space in your backyard.

It’s more accommodating than individual chairs but smaller than a sectional. Your outdoor space will start to seem like home when a sofa is put next to a roaring fire.

6. A Pair of Loungers

Outdoor lounge chairs can be the perfect addition to a fire pit, even though they’re often used poolside. An adjustable and reclined lounge chair is the ultimate of outdoor comfort and relaxation.

They can be propped up to have a conversation close to a roaring fire or fully reclined to relax while the embers burn away.  

7. A Hanging Swing Chair

Your outdoor décor might get a little more intriguing if you add a swing chair next to the fire pit. A hanging swing chair cushioned with soft throw pillows and blankets will become the best seat in your backyard.

Although swing chairs often only accommodate one or two people at a time, there’re other options if you prefer a larger hammock.

8. A Mix & Match

Your fire pit seating options don’t have to match perfectly to look good in your area. For an electric overall look, think about using chairs made of various materials or various shapes.

The rocking chair and loveseat go perfectly well in the fire pit seating ideas aforementioned. Even though the chairs come from different seating categories, they’re tied together by similar cushions and throw pillows.

Check out this YouTube video below for more fire pit seating ideas.


We hope you liked the fire pit seating ideas that WarmthPedia described above. Just choose the one that suits your needs perfectly!

And now, you got the fire pit seating ideas and can then just lie on your couch, enjoy gatherings with friends and family, watch TV, and admire the beauty of the fireplace.

Additionally, you can find various other ideas if you take the ones you’ve chosen from this guide, and discuss them with your family members.

Discussing such life-changing decisions with family members can increase the satisfaction rate when it comes to choosing the most suitable Fire Pit Seating Ideas.

Still want more fire pit seating ideas? Leave your comment in the WarmthPedia comments box below and we’ll contact and provide you with more creative fire pit seating ideas.

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