10 Ingenious & Creative Empty Fireplace Ideas in 2023

Just because your fireplace is empty doesn’t mean it’s useless or takes up any less space. You just need empty fireplace ideas to make it useful and give the room a stylish look.

With an empty fireplace, you have the opportunity to show your creativity; all you need to know is how to decorate it. WarmthPedia spotlights 10 incredibly creative ideas to use your non-working fireplace, whether you want something purely beautiful or something a little more functional.

You’ll also find the reasons why a fireplace may remain empty.

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Reasons Why a Fireplace May Remain Empty

Reasons Why a Fireplace May Remain Empty

WarmthPedia has collected several reasons why a fireplace may remain empty.

1. Amount of Maintainance Required.

2. Risk of Fire.

3. Issues with Fireplace and Chimney.

4. It’s Summer and You Live in a Warm Climate.

5. Area Restrictions.

It’s worth noting that regardless of the reason, an empty fireplace can still be an attractive feature in a room and can be decorated or used for other purposes.

Creative Empty Fireplace Ideas

WarmthPedia has provided the most 10 creative empty fireplace ideas among dozens of ideas it has, so try one of these ideas if you’re stuck:

1. Firewood Stacks

Fill the fireplace to the full with firewood to give your house a warm, rustic look. Even if you never use the wood, your room will look a lot better after the fireplace is converted to a place to store firewood.

The fireplace changes from looking empty and lonely to serving as the room’s centerpiece and décor. Even first-time visitors feel at home thanks to the firewood.

2. Add Arrangements

There are specific arrangements you can place in the fireplace to improve the room without lighting actual fires, depending on the style of the room. For instance, you could find a large piece of coral and place it in the fireplace if the room has a coastal theme.

The piece is framed by the surround. If your home has a modern aesthetic, you might change the flower arrangements in the fireplace every week to add a splash of color and a distinct design.

3. Jars and Vases

Get some large vases or jars, and put them inside the fireplace. Use colorful vases as an accent piece to provide another color to a room that is primarily neutral in color. Ginger jars provide elegance, but classic large jars can give the room an older vibe.

Try out various jars and vases to see which works best. You can even rearrange them to fit particular occasions.

4. Candles

Adding candles can create a warm and cozy ambiance in a room and can be placed in an empty fireplace to create a focal point. They will light up the room and give the fireplace something to do, though it won’t produce as much heat as a real fire would.

The most complete look can be achieved with candles of various sizes, or you can create depth by stacking candles of the same size on a rack. 

5. Shelving

There is never enough storage, so if the fireplace isn’t being used, make use of the spare space by installing shelves there. The fireplace quickly turns into a useful, eye-catching bookcase. The shelves in the fireplace may hold whatever you want to showcase, such as family photos or kid’s awards.

Choose items carefully because the shelves will be noticeable in the space and draw a lot of attention. For occasions when you are entertaining, you can switch out some items.

6. Book Storage

An empty fireplace can be transformed into a bookshelf by installing shelves inside it. It is the best area to add storage, and display space to a room. You might as well fill the fireplace with your favorite things because you never use it.

Alternately, arrange them so the pages are visible to keep the tone more neutral. In either case, the fireplace serves a purpose that you enjoy and need, and the area looks more finished and less empty.

7. Paint It

Painting the fireplace’s inside and mantel one color is one of the easiest ways to decorate an empty fireplace. White is a common color for this trick since it turns the fireplace into the room’s centerpiece while adding a touch of intrigue.

White fireplaces make a space look and feel larger, and they become interesting instead of empty and unused. 

The fireplace will look very different if you put some white decorations on top of it. For a more elegant look, you might go with something colorful or classic black and white. There are limitless options left only to your imagination.

8. Framing

A fireplace that isn’t used leaves a large empty space in the room. However, it would be a waste to leave that area empty given the intricacy of the mantels that surround fireplace openings. The fireplace is a great spot to use if you have art that you want to showcase.

Choose a piece that will fill the entire space or place frames of various sizes against it to create a more layered look. Even better, you can move the pieces about based on the mood you want to create in the space. Alternately, give your mantel the look of a window to give an outside-in feeling.

9. Add a Pet Nock

You can consider transforming it into a pet home. You can make a haven for your pet to curl up in with plenty of soft pillows and blankets.

Your old fireplace can be transformed into a comfortable area for your pet by adding a pet bed and some food bowls. Others are transforming fireplaces into cat havens while some wonder how to keep cats out of the fireplace.

Pets have a place to relax and feel comfortable in the enclosed area. If the space is large enough, you could even change the opening to create a kennel.

10. A Splash of Seasonality

You may use your empty fireplace as a nice place to show off some seasonal decor. To mark the passing of spring and summer, place a new vase of flowers inside; alternatively, add some faux pumpkins for a touch of fall.

I think it’s a fantastic idea to use your empty fireplace as inspiration for seasonal décor!

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These empty fireplace ideas should have helped you in choosing the right décor for your home! 

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