All There Is to Know About Electric Fireplace and More! Helpful Guides and Buying Guides in 1 Place

Electric Fireplace Models are some of the most demanded tools in recent years. They are the ultimate safest alternative to old heating systems, and they have a superb wide range of options to choose from.

At WarmthPedia, we aim at making your path toward a cozy atmosphere and many warm evenings as easy as you’d like them to be.

Therefore, we’ve prepared this WarmthPedia guide, gathering all there is to know about electric fireplace models, starting with explaining what an electric fireplace is, moving towards every bit of information you’ll need.

Is it about electric fireplace prices, models, features, uses, advantages, disadvantages, lifespans, detailed information, step-by-step guides, and more? You can find them all in this WarmthPedia guide.

What is an Electric Fireplace?

The name spoils it all, doesn’t it? It’s a fireplace that runs on electricity to produce heat, instead of traditional wood-burning or gas-powered fireplaces.

It comes in different shapes, sizes, and types, providing different customers of different cultures and interests with different distinguished options to choose from.

Additionally, they cost less than the traditional fireplace options, both in installation cost, and maintenance.

Don’t worry, we’ll explain later in this WarmthPedia guide how it can an electric fireplace cut down on your expenses, just read on.

What Is The Point of an Electric Fireplace?

In other words, what attracts customers to the electric fireplace models the most? 

Generally speaking, an electric fireplace is more efficient when it comes to producing heat faster, and can easily benefit from 99-100% of its heating power, unlike other fireplace types.

Moreover, electric fireplaces don’t require a chimney, they produce no smoke, and therefore they’re way safer than traditional types.

As for the economical side of things, an electric fireplace -as we mentioned earlier- can easily cut down on your expenses in both installation and maintenance costs.

You won’t need to clean a chimney, provide more wood supply, or make sure the gas flow runs smoothly into the fireplace. All you need to do is hit a switch or a remote control button.

Last but not least, electric fireplace options on the market are way too many! You can easily find a mini-sized electric fireplace for a shred of a large-sized one, and you can find the 10K priced one with ultimate features.

Electric Fireplace

Who Does the Electric Fireplace Suit the Best?

  1. Owner of a house with small-medium sized rooms, or outdoor gathering areas.
  2. People who have less time maintaining their fireplace.
  3. People who have tight budgets.
  4. Houses with pets and hyperactive children.
  5. People living in colder areas.

What Are the Disadvantages of an Electric Fireplace?

Despite the long lists of benefits and people who enjoy an electric fireplace, it still -like any other electrical machine- has its flaws.

Some people adore the sound of crackling woods, and the smell of wood-burning smoke, just for the realism of the experience.

Electric Fireplace options don’t increase the house’s value if you’re looking for a sell-and-move for a better establishment.

A national realtor association says that fireplaces are the third most often requested feature of a home and can increase the value by 6-8%, according to housebuild.

The last disadvantage of an electric fireplace is the fact that traditional electric fireplaces can’t heat larger-sized houses, and you’ll be required to buy separate units for each room instead.

How Much Does Electric Fireplace Cost?

The average price of an electric fireplace is around $600-700 per unit.

However, the range of prices for an electric fireplace can be way wider than that.

A single small electric heating unit can cost $40-50, and a powerful electric stove can cost $150.

As for the electric fireplaces, they cost $300-10,000, depending on a wide range of features, sizes, and uses.

Electric Fireplace

Do Electric Fireplaces Use a lot of Electricity?

Electric fireplaces don’t use a lot of electricity. In fact, it uses about the same amount of electricity as a space heater. This is so that they can produce the same 4,000–5,000 BTU range of heat as a space heater, which is a 1500-watt heating element at 12.5 amps used in electric fireplaces.

Follow up on details for that explanation in our long guide on how much electricity an electric fireplace consumes.

What Is the Lifespan of an Electric Fireplace?

The average lifespan of an electric fireplace can be between 5 years and 15 years, depending on some crucial factors.

Those factors include the brand’s quality, maintenance, how long it’s turned on during the day, and more.

However, manufacturers continue to offer 1-10 years of warranty on their models, depending on how reputable the brand is, and how good their customer service really is.

Do Electric Fireplaces Have to Be Vented?

Fortunately, no. You don’t need to create any kind of direct venting or a chimney, since electric fireplaces don’t produce any kind of emissions.

Unlike gas and wood fireplaces, they will need a chimney or some sort of venting to create proper airflow for smoke to leave the fireplace/house.

Do Electric Fireplaces Give off Carbon Monoxide?

Again, fortunately, an electric fireplace doesn’t create any kind of smoke when it’s working properly.

Therefore, as long as no combustion is used in the process, then the electric fireplaces don’t give off carbon monoxide or any smoke type at all.

Additional Helpful Guides for Electric Fireplace Users

WarmthPedia guides are as simple and direct as you’d like them to be, and our professionals have created many guides, aiming at easing your experience with your electric fireplace.

Those guides covered pretty important topics like “does electric fireplace give off heat” for people who are completely unfamiliar with the concept of an electric fireplace.

As for those who shared their first experience with the unit, they asked if they should open a window when using the fireplace. We answered.

Moreover, electric fireplaces are on the rise and that raised the question of whether it is an effective power-saving tool or not, and for that, we prepared a full guide on how power-saving the electric fireplaces are.

Experts in wood burning fireplaces- however- thought about using a different type of wood, and to prepare them for what’s coming for them, we created a guide on “can you burn cedar in a fireplace

Whether your fireplace is gas, wood, or electric, you need to baby proof the fireplace properly. This guide will make your job easier and less effort and time-consuming.

Step-by-Step Guides

Our team of professionals at WarmthPedia didn’t just focus on the helpful guides but also created many step-by-step guides that can easily help you with any step-by-step operations related to how an electric fireplace would work.

Step-by-step guides are made to make any process regarding the work of a fireplace easier and more applicable.

For instance, if your TV is bigger than your fireplace, we present you with a step-by-step guide on how to deal with that, and what other viable options can be helpful for you.

However, some problems are harder to deal with, like what to do with fireplace ashes after you’re done.

Sometimes, it’s not a problem, but a process, like how to put out a fire in a fireplace, or how to build a false wall for TV and fireplace.

As for electric fireplaces, we explain in a step-by-step manner how they actually work, and how to turn on an electric fireplace correctly.

Electric Fireplace

Fireplace Anatomy Is Important Too

That’s a fact. Understanding the fireplace anatomy can easily help you make a handful of decisions when you’re either worried about which decision to make, or which fireplace would suit you the most.

For instance, if you’re looking to baby proof your electric fireplace, it wouldn’t be an easy task if you don’t know what a mantel is, and what a glass door inside the fireplace is.

Therefore, WarmthPedia created a set of guides that will help you deal with different parts of an electric fireplace, including the guide for outdoor electric fireplaces, what they are, and how they became some of the highest-demanded ones on the market.

The full fireplace anatomy breakdown is one of WarmthPedia’s finest guides, as we made sure you understand what every part of a fireplace is, and what it does for the whole process of a functioning fireplace.

Different parts require special attention sometimes, that’s why the removal of fireplace doors is left with a specific guide, explaining how to remove and clean and re-install the doors properly.

Stone fireplaces have a place in our professionals’ hearts, therefore, we established 2 distinguished guides, one explaining how to clean stone fireplace, and the other focused on whitewashing stone fireplace properly.

We even have a guide on the best stone electric fireplaces on the market, but we’ll talk about that later in this detailed guide.

Where to Use the Electric Fireplace

Now that you have gathered all the information related to how to use an electric fireplace correctly, it’s time to set you up properly.

The following WarmthPedia guides talk in depth about where you can use the electric fireplace, and what requirements are a must when you’re looking for the one that suits you.

Moreover, it provides you with additional ideas to assure you’re feeling as comfy and cozy as possible when you’re enjoying your evening inside the house.

First, let’s start with the guide where we put together a list of the 12 of the freshest electric fireplace ideas on the market, and how to DIY your electric fireplace properly.

Then we have 3 of our finest guides, explaining what requirements are there for an electric fireplace to be installed in apartments.

A similar guide was prepared specifically for electric fireplace installation in bedrooms, while the third one is about living room electric fireplaces.

Best Electric Fireplace Models

Reaching this point in the guide means you’ve gathered all the related information needed to make up your mind in regard to the best electric fireplace for your needs.

Yes, it should always be dependent on your needs only. Electric fireplaces are solely based on personal preferences. If it doesn’t suit your house or your style, then it doesn’t.

However, it’s your job to find the one that suits you, maybe it’s a reputable and powerful brand you’re looking for, like the famous real flame electric fireplaces.

Maybe you’re looking for a specific size, shape, or type.

We shall explain in detail every sector, don’t worry at all.

Electric Fireplace Sizes

There are different electric fireplace sizes that suit different needs, but the most requested sizes according to our professionals were the mini and small sizes.

It may seem odd, as people seek larger ones for the sake of covering more space.

Then, we decided to create guides shedding the light on the pros and cons of those mini and small-sized fireplaces, to pass on our experience to the customers.

Visit the mini electric fireplaces guide, and the small electric fireplaces guide for more information.

Electric Fireplace Shapes

Sometimes what lures you into loving a certain machine is a piece of beauty, or a sign or brilliance.

You can easily find both in the 2 different electric fireplace shapes we covered in our guides.

Visit our guides on the double-sided electric fireplaces and the see-through electric fireplaces, and find out where those glimpses of brilliance come from.

We reach the tip of the iceberg, which one is the most popular type, is it the built-in, the wall-mounted, or the stone electric fireplace?

Here are guides for every popular electric fireplace types available on the market:

  1. The Best Wall-Mount Electric Fireplaces
  2. The Best Built-in Electric Fireplaces
  3. The Best Recessed Electric Fireplaces
  4. The Best Stone Electric Fireplaces

Click on the link of the ones you’re used to, and it’ll take you to the respective guide.

Electric Fireplace

What Safety Features to Look for in an Electric Fireplace?

Safety features are what differentiate electric fireplaces from traditional electric fireplaces.

Those are the best and most looked-for safety features you should look for:

  1. Safety Shut-off Switch.
  2. Tip-off Safety.
  3. Remote Control.
  4. Smart App Control.
  5. Automatic Thermostat Control.
  6. Heating Timers.
  7. Multiple Heat Setting.

How Do You Maintain an Electric Fireplace?

Maintaining an electric fireplace can be easily done if you follow the following instructions.

Prepare a bucket of warm soapy water, a damp cloth, and get down to business twice every month.

Try to avoid using glass cleaners and abrasive cleaners, as you’ll most likely damage the glass instead with the chemicals.

Keep in mind that maintaining the electric fireplace will lengthen its lifespan for a couple of years at minimum.


Obtaining an electric fireplace isn’t a hard task, especially when you run by tens of WarmthPedia guides that help you with obtaining the relative information, and reading through the lines of their buying guides.

If you have any questions regarding any of those guides, feel free to ask us in the comment section below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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