10 Best Electric Fireplace Ideas with TV Above – 2023 Guide

An electric fireplace is the centerpiece of any room, and deciding where to place your fireplace isn’t an easy decision to make since there is much at stake.

For instance, does it need to be facing the room, the living area, or the windows? Should it be accompanied by a TV, or an entertainment system? 

To solve that, here are electric fireplace ideas with TV above, so that you have all the coziness and comfort in your living room while keeping yourself entertained with the TV.

It feels good to have endless possibilities for electric fireplace ideas with TV above inside your house.

There are different room styles, systems, wall styles, and other options to look for when designing the area in which you’re going to install an electric fireplace and a TV altogether.

This WarmthPedia will help you choose one of the electric fireplace ideas with TV above when you’re planning the design of your family room, basement, or living room.

This guide is full of 15 design ideas that will help you turn a regular room into an appealing and visually satisfying one that attracts every family member to enjoy coziness there all winter long.

Is It OK to Put a TV Above an Electric Fireplace?

It is Ok to put a TV above an electric fireplace, but under similar conditions, and not above all electric fireplaces.

It goes without saying that an electric fireplace will require no chimney or venting, so the heat and smoke come from traditional fireplaces.

However, it produces heat, and the heat goes up in the air due to its hot nature, and constant heat moving up can easily damage the electric fireplace.

The safest option is to find a safe distance between the electric fireplace and TV, and it depends on both machines, but we’ll disclose the average distance required later.

How Many Inches Should TV Be Above Electric Fireplace?

In other words, what is the safest distance to have electric fireplace ideas with TV above, without fearing the potential damage?

Electric fireplaces are not a huge issue, since they produce 5,500 BTUs at best, and 3500-4500 BTUs on average.

Positioning the TV 6-8 inches above the electric fireplace can easily protect the TV from potential damage.

Is It a Good Idea to Put a TV Above the Fireplace?

Websites like Spruce and Bobvila claimed it isn’t a good idea to put a TV above the fireplace, and they’re right!

We’re not contradicting ourselves, no.

They are discussing traditional fireplaces that use wood to produce heat, in addition to gas fireplaces.

Wood-burning fireplaces produce more heat, and it’s hard to control where the heat goes unless you use a blower. It also produces smoke that can also damage the internals of the TV.

As for gas fireplaces, they are meant to produce tens of thousands of BTUs per hour, which is not ideal by any means for a TV placed above the gas fireplace.

However, when it comes to electric fireplaces, we have already established that placing a TV 6-8 inches above them makes them safer than ever for the TV.

What can additional safety precautions be used then? You can build a deep mantel above the fireplace to block the upcoming heat, or use a strong blower to keep it further away from the TV.

Electric Fireplace Ideas with TV Above

1. Gray Shiplap Wall with a Fireplace Mantel Lighting

Electric Fireplace Ideas with TV Above

The first one of the Electric Fireplace Ideas with TV Above is shown in the picture, featuring a black electric fireplace, mounted on a gray shiplap wall.

The flat TV is also flanked by black sconces, mixed over a rustic light wood mantel held by some metal brackets painted in black.

2. Whitewashed Brick Fireplace in a Floor to Ceiling Wall

Electric Fireplace Ideas with TV Above

The white couch placed on a white shag rug always requires a whitewashed brick fireplace with a rusty look.

Add that to a floor-to-ceiling wall with a recessed electric fireplace featuring a white-framed TV placed over the wood and a black metal mantel.

The stained wood and black metal windmill ceiling fan also appeal to the room with coziness.

3. White Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

Electric Fireplace Ideas with TV Above

Winter is designed in white, and for that, we’ll use a white wall-mounted electric fireplace, with a flat panel TV hung above the fireplace.

The ivory couch facing the dynamic duo of fireplace and TV acts as a pillar for the overall comfort of the room.

The round white coffee table built on black painted legs is where the white is supported with an opposite black, accompanied by a light gray rug.

4. Floor to Ceiling Gray Stone Electric Fireplace

Electric Fireplace Ideas with TV Above

Another idea for Electric Fireplace Ideas with TV Above is based on a floor-to-ceiling wall, this time featured with a gray stone electric fireplace recessed inside the wall.

The black floating staircase connects the house with the living room, while the light wood floating heart aces the white couch over the area rug.

5. White Shiplap Fireplace with Beige Frame TV

Electric Fireplace Ideas with TV Above

When winter strikes outside, it’s only a matter of time before complementing the environment outside into your living room.

The white shiplap fireplace is complemented with a Beige-framed TV, decorated with light wood candle holders and spruce garland with pinecones.

The TV is mounted above the electric fireplace, while the mantel works as a protection from the heat moving up as we discussed earlier in this guide.

6. TV Above Dry Stack Stone Electric Fireplace

Electric Fireplace Ideas with TV Above

The 6th Electric Fireplace Ideas with TV Above on WarmthPedia features a dry stack stone fireplace framed by a stained wood mantel.

The mantel also works as a shelf for books or other decoratives, while the dry stack stone covering the fireplace serves as a rustic addition to the room.

7. Wall Mounted TV Above a Contemporary-Styled Fireplace 

Electric Fireplace Ideas with TV Above

The picture shows exactly what you should be looking for: a contemporary-styled fireplace built underneath a wall-mounted TV.

The wall can either be a real wall or a false wall with open areas for the fireplace and the TV.

Shelves and cabinets are a huge plus for the overall ambiance of the room.

8. Rustic-Styled Cabin with a Freestanding TV

Electric Fireplace Ideas with TV Above

Rustic Style ideas are overly underrated, they are the old-fashioned but lovely styles that add to the ambiance of the whole cabin.

With an electric fireplace built underneath a fake chimney, and a freestanding TV above the fireplace, you have yourself one of the oldest but best Electric Fireplace Ideas with TV Above.

9. Sleek-Styled Wall Mounted TV Above a Recessed Electric Fireplace

Electric Fireplace Ideas with TV Above

Larger rooms require a sleek style built on some of the comfiest sofas in larger areas.

A recessed or built-in electric fireplace loves to be the center of affection, but with the dynamic duo of a sleek-styled wall-mounted TV, you’re in for a better affection to the overall coziness of the room.

10. Built-in TV Centering a Patterned Fake Wall

Electric Fireplace Ideas with TV Above

Smaller-sized rooms and cabins will be easily designed with a couple of chairs contemplating the patterns on the wall, but nothing beats a fireplace rhyming well with the patterns on the fake wall, centered by a built-in TV.

Shelves and cabinets may be missing, but the patterns drawn on the wall make up for it with ease.

Imagine adding fake rocks inside the electric fireplace LED screen that mixes well with the pattern, then you’ve beaten the final boss.


You have endless electric fireplace ideas with TV above, but we managed to narrow them down to the best 10 ideas on WarmthPedia, where you only need to choose one of them that contemplates your house’s style.

In case you have any additional electric fireplace ideas with TV above, feel free to share them with us in the comments section below.

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