Want an Electric Fireplace for Bedroom? 2023 Guide for Better Warmth

An electric fireplace is a beautiful addition to the bedroom because it lends a calming ambiance to any room. With its focus on relaxation, electric fireplace for bedroom combine easy installation and usage with carefree safety features.

WarmthPedia is here to help you determine whether it’s safe to add an electric fireplace to your bedroom and what safety precautions to take when the fireplace is on and when it needs to be switched off.

Is Electric Fireplace for Bedroom Safe to Use?

Is Electric Fireplace for Bedroom Safe to Use?

Electric fireplaces are quite safe when used properly. They’re highly safe compared to other types of fireplaces and shouldn’t endanger you or your house.

Your fireplace can be supported by any stable surface. You may put it against the wall without any concern, and you don’t have to worry about it sitting on the carpet.

Electric fireplaces don’t require venting. This’s because, unlike wood or gas burning, they don’t produce any emissions or creosote. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about dangerous gases like carbon monoxide.

Your fireplace’s glass doors will safeguard the flame effects. These doors don’t get hot at all. You can touch them without fear of getting burned. No heat enters the glass because the heat source is separated from the flame effect.

Because of this, households with young children or pets should choose a good electric fireplace for bedroom.

Your indoor air quality will be higher with an electric unit than it would be with a conventional fireplace. Some models contain an air filtration system that, in addition to not emitting any harmful emissions, eliminates pollen, mildew, dust, and any other allergens from the place.

Is It Safe to Sleep with an Electric Fireplace for Bedroom On?

Want an electric fireplace for bedroom but are concerned about safety? Yes, although it would be ideal if you switched it off every night before bed. If you doze off while watching TV in the evening, it won’t be a problem.

You should nevertheless exercise some safety precautions, just as you would with any electrical device or space heater, even though it’s not dangerous.

Even though it’s much safer than other types of fireplaces, you should always turn off your fireplace while leaving a room for an extended period of time. At least, you won’t have to worry about carbon monoxide or other toxic fumes coming from a natural gas fireplace or sparks from a wood fire, even if you shouldn’t leave any small heater unattended.

Can an Electric Fireplace Heat a Room?

Yes! While some may work with 240 volts, all-electric fireplaces require 120 volts to run. On 120 volts, an electric fireplace can heat up to 400 sq.ft. Manufacturers’ claim that their products can heat up to 1000 sq.ft on 120 volts is a little misleading.

If you use an electric fireplace heater for a long time, it will heat up an area of more than 400 sq.ft. However, we’ll stick with 400 sq.ft as most of us are curious about how much room we can heat up fast.

If an electric fireplace can connect to 240 volts, we can certainly say that it can heat up to 800 sq.ft because the heat output nearly doubles.

Depending on some factors, like the size of the room, how the fireplace is used, and the type of fireplace you have, an electric fireplace for bedroom may be the best option for heating, or another heat source is preferred.

Watch this video below to learn how fast a 60″ electric fireplace will heat up a very cold room.

When to Turn Electric Fireplace for Bedroom Off?

There are some situations, whether it’s day or night, where you must immediately turn off your fireplace:

1. Using an Extension Cord

This happens when the fireplace is plugged into an extension cord. NEVER use a power strip or one of these cords to connect your fireplace insert. It can be considered a fire risk! Standard cords cannot be utilized with high-usage appliances.

These cords are indeed one of the major causes of electrical fires. A professional electrician should be hired to install an electrical outlet, even though it could seem tempting to grab a cord and move your fireplace exactly where you want it.

2. Strange Odors

If you notice a strange odor while using your fireplace’s heater, stop using it immediately. This could indicate a problem with your free-standing electric fireplace, wall-mounted electric fireplace, or electric insert.

You shouldn’t face electrical issues, even though that’s not usually the case. It’s possible that the strange odor is coming from the hot cables or burned insulation.

Safety Tips When Using Electric Fireplace for Bedroom

These are WarmthPedia safety precautions for utilizing an electric fireplace for bedroom:

1. Just like with a thermostat, you can program climate controls to set your fireplace to the desired temperature. If you set your climate control at a temperature of 60 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit, you can stay comfortable without worrying about it being dangerous.

Within a few hours, the fireplace will turn off on its own.

2. Keep a safe distance from flammable materials. Rugs, clothes, draperies, and other linens are included.

3. NEVER put drinks on the unit because it’s electric. If the parts get wet, the electrical panel in your house can trip.

4. If you want to lower your monthly energy costs, avoid leaving your fireplace on all night. Even though it’s affordable to run and consumes little energy, your fireplace uses some electricity when it’s on. Running it through the night when no one is in the room is risky and expensive.

5. You don’t want to allow anyone to sleep right in front of the fireplace. In addition to being concerned about blankets and linens touching the heater, you don’t want to take the risk of tipping the heater over.


The electric fireplace for bedroom can add extra comfort, romance, and coziness to your bedroom while giving you the look and feel of a real wood-burning fireplace without the hassle of constant Maintainance and cleaning.

Along with following all safety instructions provided by the manufacturer, you must take all necessary precautions. Even though it’s not recommended, you shouldn’t worry if you fall asleep with it.

Do you still hesitate to use an electric fireplace for bedroom? Leave your questions in the WarmthPedia comments box below, and we’ll answer them as soon as possible.

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