All You Need to Know About Electric Fireplace for Apartment in 2023- Is It Safe to Use?

An electric fireplace for apartment is a great option for people looking for a safer and easier fireplace alternative. Since there is no real flame, no chimney or venting is required.

In this WarmthPedia article, you will find everything you need to know about electric fireplace for apartment, fireplace models you can use in your apartment, the main differences between both gas and electric fireplaces, their advantages and drawbacks, as well as the main safety precautions to follow when using an electric fireplace for apartment.   

Types of Fireplaces for Apartments

WarmthPedia has collected the main models of fireplaces you can use in your apartment:

1. Bioethanol Fireplaces

2. Electric Fireplaces

3. Water Vapor Fireplaces

4. Ventless Gas Fireplaces

5. Gel Fireplaces

What is Electric Fireplace?

What is Electric Fireplace?

An electric fireplace, commonly referred to as a fireplace heater, is an electric heater that mimics the look of a fireplace with realistic-looking flames and aesthetically beautiful designs. Despite being far more durable than the traditional space heater, they nonetheless come with the same safety measures.

Electric fireplaces use internal heating coils to heat the air inside a room, then a fan system is used to push the hot air back into the area.

They can be used as heaters as well, often consuming 1.4 to 1.6 kW to heat a space measuring 400 sq.ft (37 sq.m). Additionally, there are more powerful electric fireplaces available that can heat up to 1000 sq.ft.

Can You Use Electric Fireplace for Apartments?

WarmthPedia’s answer is Yes! Electric fireplaces are ideal for use in apartments, but with following safety measures. They don’t need a chimney or a lot of building work; all they need is a plug and some minor drilling. Since there is no combustion or flame, electric fires are completely safe for apartments and pose no risk of carbon monoxide production.

Because they’re so compact, electric fireplaces are ideal for apartment living, which is crucial for those who live in smaller rooms. Many free-standing electric fires can be placed fairly flatly up against a wall. You can even have inset electric fires if you’re willing to put in a little extra effort.

And here’re some reasons why you should purchase an electric fireplace for apartment:

1. Suitable for both children and pets.

2. Safe to use.

3. Easy to install.

4. No Maintainance.

5. It doesn’t need a chimney.

6. Affordable.

7. It can make floor space savings.

8. For summer use, the heat can be turned off.

9. Portable and easy to use.

The most space-saving alternative for your apartment, nevertheless, might be a wall-mounted electric fireplace for apartment. It won’t take up any of your floor space, letting you maximize your space while adding an eye-catching contemporary centerpiece to your space.

Here are the benefits of electric fireplace for apartment.

Drawbacks of Using Electric Fireplace for Apartment

The electric fireplace for apartment has some drawbacks despite the many advantages mentioned above:

1. No real flames.

2. Can look tacky.

3. Must be close to an electrical outlet.

4. Requires electricity to operate.

5. Non-serviceable components.

6. Can’t heat a whole house.

7. No real fire sounds.

8. No real fire smells.

How to Use Electric Fireplace for Apartment?

The electric fireplace for apartment is often easy to install and use, although it may need a little work to get started:

1. Read the Manual

Your landlord or property management likely provided a manual on how to utilize the fireplace. If not, use a factory label or clues about the fireplace model to search online for the operating manual. However, doing some searches should help guide you toward a starting point.

2. Look for a Light Switch

A light switch close to a wall is frequently used to power modern fireplaces, making them easy to operate. Check to see if the fireplace damper has to be opened before turning on the switch.

3. Use a Mesh Screen to Cover the Fireplace

Use a fireplace cover to stop hot embers from falling on your furniture or carpet. A screen can also keep you safe if you’re sitting near the flames.

4. Never Leave your Fire Unattended

One of the cardinal sins of apartment fireplace safety is leaving your fire unattended. Even though the fire looks low and contained, anything can happen. When a piece of paper floats by, the gas leaks, or your mesh screen falls, you run the risk of having an apartment fire and putting all of your neighbor’s safety in danger.

Safety Tips for Using Electric Fireplace for Apartment

Although your fireplace may feel and look amazing, there’re some crucial safety precautions to keep in mind when utilizing it:

1. The heating element may become hot after being turned on. To avoid burning, pay close attention to your bare skin.

2. Take care not to block the fresh air intake.

3. To avoid getting burned, keep everything combustible far enough away from the fireplace units on all sides.

4. Electric fireplaces are a great option for children and pets, but you should exercise caution if you leave the unit on while you’re away.

5. NEVER use the electric fireplace unit if the electric cord is visibly damaged.


The electric fireplace for apartment is a great option to think about. It can be a cozy and inviting addition to your apartment if you take the crucial safety precautions we explained above.

If you have any questions regarding electric fireplace for apartment, leave them in the WarmthPedia comment box below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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