Everything You Need to Know About Double Sided Electric Fireplace – 2023 Guide

We all know the features, pros, and cons of electric fireplaces. But if you’re looking to double those features and pros, you can choose a double sided electric fireplace (no pun intended.)

A handful of different styles, sizes, designs, benefits, and more, can be experienced with double sided electric fireplaces.

In this WarmthPedia guide, we’ll explain in depth what a double sided electric fireplace is, what makes it a good option, what are its main features, and how to effectively use it to the highest level.

WarmthPedia experts saw double sided electric fireplace with different styles placed in entryways, living rooms, patios, kitchens, and more.

Let’s dive deeper into the features of every double sided electric fireplace, shall we?

What is a Double Sided Electric Fireplace?

It’s an electric fireplace that exists in the middle between two places, providing both areas with heat and warmth.

It’s also called a two sided fireplace, double faced fireplace, and see-through fireplace.

It’s way more stylish, provides a better ambiance, and produces more heat than traditional electric fireplaces.

Double Sided Electric Fireplace

Is a Double Sided Fireplace a Good Idea?

It’s a more versatile fireplace that pulls a home’s two parts together with style.

It’s featured in endless stylish options, provides heat to multiple rooms at once, and can be used nearly anywhere inside your house.

Additionally, you can notice the most advanced and beautiful ones are featured in hotels and high-class restaurants.

We’re not going to spoil the double sided electric fireplace features, you’ll find it later in this guide, but it’s a pretty good idea if you can afford it, and will enjoy every aforementioned feature.

Can You See Through a Double Sided Fireplace?

Double sided electric fireplace connects two rooms together via a well-built fireplace that’s installed inside a separate wall, but the fireplace in the middle is the only see-through section.

So, yes, you can see through a double sided fireplace, but only through the fireplace itself, as the whole wall isn’t see through.

At WarmthPedia, we advise you to now build a weaker wall for the double sided electric fireplace just to have a see-through experience.

Contact professionals for that one.

double sided electric fireplaces

Double Sided Electric Fireplace Features (Pros)

  1. You can enjoy 1 fireplace from 2 different areas.
  2. You have 2 sets of operable doors.
  3. A great option for outdoor areas.
  4. Comes in different sizes.
  5. You can customize the size to fit your exact required need.
  6. Professionals can help you build one that fits your house’s style and your personality.
  7. Provides cutting-edge air movement when it runs.
  8. Can either expel or circulate the warm air.
  9. Increases any house’s value.

Double Sided Electric Fireplace Downsides (Cons)

  1. Requires professional help to install properly.
  2. Doesn’t suit smaller-sized houses/rooms/ areas.
  3. Regular Maintenance is required.
  4. More expensive than nearly any other electric fireplace.

How Can I Make My Double Sided Fireplace More Efficient?

In order to keep the double sided electric fireplace running efficiently, you have to make sure you’re doing right by its operating system.

Those are WarmthPedia’s pieces of advice that’ll help you with maintaining the double sided fireplaces effectively, especially the wood-burning ones:

  1. Using wood for heating? Pick the hardwoods, they’re the best. If you pick other types, pick a wood type that’s been dried and aged for more than 1 year.
  2. Don’t use construction debris, it contains chemicals that’ll burn and intoxicate your house’s air.
  3. Split the wood inside the fireplace often, so that it burns as effectively as you need it to.
  4. Extend your chimney’s height, it improves the draw immensely.
  5. Place the rack that contains the wood directly under the damper for better air combustion.
Double Sided Electric Fireplace

Things to Consider Before Obtaining Double Sided Electric Fireplace

You’ve been considering the double sided electric fireplace for a while, but now you’re 100% sure you want to purchase one.

Here’s what you should consider before obtaining any double sided electric fireplace:

The Large Cost

Any double sided electric fireplace will come with a higher price tag than any normal electric fireplace.

It’s more expensive, requires professional help (costly too), and will require expensive installation.

If your pocket is packed, then you’ve passed the first test.

To be honest, it’s worth the price, look how long the features list already is.

Proper Wall Support

This is not a traditional built-in fireplace that only requires a bit of space inside a wall and a power source. A double sided electric fireplace is different.

The case is different with the floor-to-ceiling fireplaces, as they’ll be responsible for holding the double sided electric fireplace properly, and with the right build and mechanics.

In our experience at WarmthPedia, this is a job for professionals with prior experience in different sizes, weights, and other detailed parameters.

Does It Match Your Style and Suits Your Personality?

You shouldn’t turn a blind eye to one of the best features any double sided electric fireplace can bring, the customizable style and size.

Therefore, you should prepare the style of the double sided electric fireplace, its size, and how it suits your personality as well.

Some seize the opportunity to add more to a currently experienced style at home, enhancing it deeper.

Others seek a hybrid style, merging two different styles together.

All you need to do is prepare beforehand for the style.

Best Double Sided Electric Fireplace on the Market

Unfortunately, as we were exploring the options regarding Double Sided Electric Fireplaces on the market, we found out that Amazon US doesn’t sell any, at the time of publishing this article.

However, if you’re interested in obtaining a double sided fireplace, we suggest a gas-powered one, out of those two: 

1. Empire Comfort Systems Outdoor 60″ SS Manual See-Through Linear Fireplace – Natural Gas

2. Empire Comfort Systems Carol Rose Outdoor SS See-through 48″ Linear Fireplace – NG


Double Sided Electric Fireplace options are some of the finest on the whole market.

They provide any medium to large-sized houses with a prestigious level of style, in addition to a tall list of features anyone would love to have.

In case you have any questions regarding Double Sided Electric Fireplace, feel free to ask us in the comments section below.

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