Does Electric Fireplace Give off Heat? The Easiest and Effective Answer On the Internet 2023

Does Electric Fireplace Give off Heat after you install it inside your house? Is it also safe to use it? How expensive is it to install or run an electric fireplace?

You may have many questions in mind, especially since electric fireplaces are becoming more and more popular recently, while other types of fireplaces are becoming less and less environmentally friendly.

Moreover, electric fireplaces have become increasingly important due to how economical it is to use an electric fireplace compared to other types of fireplaces.

In this WarmthPedia guide, we’ll take a further look at Does Electric Fireplace Give off Heat, and explain more facts and opinions regarding the safety conditions of using an electric fireplace.

Why Do People Buy Electric Fireplaces?

We mentioned earlier that electric fireplaces have been rising in popularity among other fireplace types, why is that?

According to WarmthPedia research, there’s an increase in demand for electric fireplaces due to:

  1. How environmentally friendly they are, as they don’t produce any type of cancerous smoke upon lighting them up.
  2. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, open fireplaces lose over 90% of the fire’s heat through the chimney, in addition to the majority of the heated air in the room.
  3. Low Maintenance. There’s no need to carry out repeated cleaning chores to remove the ash inside the fireplace or clean up the chimney.
does electric fireplace give off heat

Does Electric Fireplace Save Money?

If you don’t have enough time to carry out the aforementioned cleaning chores on your chimney, then you’ll definitely call a service provider instead.

Additionally, traditional fireplaces require more than $6000 in installation fees if you hire a reputable expert to do the job.

In comparison, an electric fireplace allows you to simply plug it in, and enjoy the warmth.

According to our research at WarmthPedia, electric fireplaces cost on average around $55–$90 a year to operate.

In comparison, gas-powered fireplaces cost more than $350, in addition to the aforementioned cleaning and maintenance costs.

So, yes, electric fireplaces save money quite well.

Does Electric Fireplace Give off Heat?

The voltage of electricity provided to homes is usually limited, and such limitations can affect how much heat a fireplace can give off.

So, yes again, electric fireplaces give off heat, but it’s limited due to the standard electrical socket in your home.

Therefore, electric fireplaces produce around 5000 BTUs on average and can produce up to 10,000 BTUs.

This is compared to the 5000-60,000 BTUs a wood-burning or gas-powered fireplace can produce.

However, since we stated that 90% of the heat produced by the 2 latest fireplaces is lost, you’re in a similar area of heat production.

In another comparison, electric fireplaces give off the heat with 100% efficiency, meaning that whatever heat the electric fireplace produces, you’ll benefit fully from it.

The most amazing thing about the electric fireplaces as we saw in customer reviews, is that you can turn the heat and flame aspects on and off separately.

You can let the flames dance while the heat is off, and you can just let the fireplace heat without any visual scene of heating.

Still anxious about which one is better, the gas or the electric fireplaces? Here’s a video comparing them together:

Are Electric Fireplaces Safe?

According to most electric fireplace manufacturers, normal electric fireplaces produce heat enough to warm a room of 400 square feet or more.

How can it produce such heat without heating any of its components, you may ask?

Electric fireplaces produce the heat, but cooler air is sucked throughout the whole operation into the fireplace, cooling down its components as a self-made form of ventilation.

The only thing you need to take care of is what lies near the electric fireplace, as it should be placed far away from curtains and other similarly built furniture to avoid creating a fire hazard.

Therefore, if you’ve placed the electric fireplace properly, you have yourself a fireplace that’s effective and safe for pets and children at the same time.

Does Electric Fireplace Give off Heat FAQ

Do electric fireplaces give any heat?

Yes, it does. It produces between 5000 and10,000 BTUs depending on the brand you’re using and the house’s voltage of electricity.

Where does the heat come out from an electric fireplace?

Generally speaking, the heating components are usually located at the top of the fireplace, while fans located at different areas of the electric fireplace blow the hot air into the room.

Can an electric fireplace be the primary heat source?

We don’t advise using the electric fireplace as the main and primary heat source for the entire house. However, you can use it as a primary source of heat for specific rooms and areas when a decorative touch is needed.


Does Electric Fireplace Give off Heat? Yes, it does. It’s also efficient, money-saving, and requires less maintenance.

In conclusion, electric fireplaces serve a further and greater purpose than just decorating your house.

They provide the most essential heat coming into winter days while saving you much-needed time, effort, and money.

Tell us in the comments section below about your favorite electric fireplace brand.

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