Do Electric Fireplaces Use A Lot of Electricity? This Simple 2023 Guide Solves the Riddle

Some people install an electric fireplace just to enjoy realistic flames if they don’t have a traditional fireplace. But they really don’t know: “Do electric fireplaces use a lot of electricity?” or “How much will an electric fireplace raise my electric bill?”

This WarmthPedia article will answer your question: “Do electric fireplaces use a lot of electricity?”, and will give you a few tips that can help you lower the overall cost of operating your electric fireplace.

How Do Electric Fireplaces Work?

What Are Electric Fireplaces?

Simply put, electric fireplaces look like traditional wood-burning or gas fireplaces but do not need any venting or kind of professional installation. Electric fireplaces project a randomized pattern of LED lights onto a screen to create a flame.

When an electric fireplace is in use, cool air is drawn in, heated internally by a heating coil, and then gently forced back into the room by a fan.

Infrared technology is another feature of some electric fireplaces, and it is used to heat objects in a room directly. In both situations, more heating is given where it is needed without creating a mess or releasing dangerous gasses.

For more flame color options, depth, and realism, some models simply feature one line of LED lights at the bottom, while others have two or more LED strips.

Most electric fireplaces have a built-in heater that works independently from the flame so you can turn the heat off and enjoy the flames all year long.

Advantages of Electric Fireplaces

WarmthPedia has collected the most common advantages of electric fireplaces:

1. Easy Installation.

2. Easy to Use.

3. Safer to Use.

4. No Mess.

5. Cost Effective.

6. Low Maintainance.

7. A Long-Life Span.

8. Eco-Friendly.

9. Year-Round Use.

10. Cost Savings.

Do Electric Fireplaces Use A Lot of Electricity?

Wondering “Do Electric Fireplaces Use A Lot of Electricity”? WarmthPedia answer is NO!

Electric fireplaces don’t use a lot of electricity. In fact, it uses about the same amount of electricity as a space heater. This is so that they can produce the same 4,000–5,000 BTU range of heat as a space heater, which is a 1500-watt heating element at 12.5 amps used in electric fireplaces.

The good thing is that electric fireplaces are 99% efficient and do a great job of converting electricity to heat.

The heating output capacity offered by each option varies slightly (measured in British Thermal Units, BTUs). The output capacity you’ll require for your home depends on the size of the room you need to heat, which has an impact on how effectively your fireplace can heat the space.

When you consider potential energy savings, a fireplace may be an even more efficient option. It is less necessary to use other sources of heat in a living space when an electric fireplace is operating.

The overall amount of energy required can be reduced compared to using the home’s primary heating source alone by letting an effective electric fireplace handle some of the heating responsibilities.

Check out this video below that answers your question “Do electric fireplaces use a lot of electricity?”

How Much Does It Cost to Run an Electric Fireplace?

There is less need for additional heat sources when a fireplace is used to heat a living space. Your use of your furnace or heat pump may be reduced if you move to an electric fireplace, depending on the type of heating system you use.

Three main elements primarily determine how much it will cost to operate an electric fireplace in your home:

– Operating time

– Power consumption (specific to the unit)

– Local cost of electricity

Below is the actual cost of running a 1,500-watt electric fireplace for easy reference:

Per Hour Cost

A 1,500-watt electric fireplace will cost about 18 cents per hour with all settings at maximum based on the national average kWh rate of 12 cents.

The cost per hour can drop by many cents if you choose a lower heat setting, and if you only use the LED-backlit fire display and not the heater itself, the cost is often less than one cent per hour.

Monthly Cost

You just need to count up how many hours you use your electric fireplace each month and multiply that by the cost per hour to get the monthly cost.

The cost of our fireplace with all the settings at maximum would cost about $10.80 per month using our example from above and an estimated winter usage of two hours per day, or 60 hours per month.

Tips on How to Make Your Electric Fireplace Cheaper to Run

Thankfully, there are several techniques to lower the overall cost of operating your electric fireplace. Here are WarmthPedia tips for reducing the operating costs of your electric fireplace:

1. Lower the temperature.

2. Move closer to the electric fireplace.

3. Close doors.

4. Operate a ceiling fan.

5. Adjust your thermostat.

6. Dim the lights or flame.

7. Cut back on usage.

8. Close window blinds and curtains.

Do Electric Fireplaces Use A Lot of Electricity FAQ


We already answered your question “Do electric fireplaces use a lot of electricity?” and the costs you will have for operating the electric fireplace in your home. You can follow WarmthPedia tips mentioned above to reduce these operating costs.

Still have any questions about electric fireplace costs? Leave them in WarmthPedia comments box below and we’ll answer all your questions as soon as possible.

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