About Us

“Winter Is Coming” we have heard that statement a lot since HBO decided to heavily market their favorite Game of Thrones show.

WarmthPedia on the other hand is here to help you deal with it properly, easily, and at the lowest of costs.

Our categories cover the most basic instruments and tools that help you keep yourself and your family warm and cozy during difficult winter times.

Who Are We?

WarmthPedia is created by a team of Fireplace enthusiasts who have accumulated more than 10 years of experience dealing with fireplaces, reviewing, testing, and working the different types of fireplaces all over the US.

Our team has traveled almost everywhere in the US, tested gas and electric fireplaces in different environments, and reviewed the most influential models on the market for years.

Finally, they decided to create this website, after testing enough models, to give you a small taste of their experiences in the shape of reviews, guides, and more!

Our Vision

Our aim has always been to provide our audience with the best guidance possible when it comes to keeping themselves warm, as we didn’t only test fireplaces and other instruments, we tested theories, materials, practices, and more!

Therefore, we present the outcomes of our tests in a more educational form, as we guide our audience toward the best understanding of how to keep themselves warm.

Our Team

Ahmad Jamal

Ahmad is our lead content creator whose job was to turn the ideas we had into words and guides that are easier to understand and act upon.

He thrives on being clinical when it comes to delivering the message clearly to the audience, as he’s one of those who have been hating the winter more than anyone on this team.

Hala Zaqqout

Hala is our content creator who has always been a fan of gas fireplaces more than electric models for years already.

The discussions have always been around some controversial subjects between her and Ahmad, similar to the economical parts of each type, and the ease of installation.

They have yet to find a compromise, but they agree upon a shared message we all abide by: choose the fireplace you like, not the ones the others suggest for your needs.